When you hire Balzar-Roth, you are harnessing the peerless expertise and vast experience that come from one of Israel’s top media consulting firms. We specialize in 360° public relations, digital management, strategy development, government relations, and crisis management par excellence, serving the full spectrum of clients, including corporations, companies, municipal and government authorities, public figures, unions, and various large organizations from both the public and private sectors. For us, every client is a full partner in the process, as we deliver first-class, meticulously-crafted solutions that cater to every need. Our team leverages in-depth knowhow on motivating change and assimilating core messages among the general public and decision-makers to create a positive climate for each client’s ongoing success.


Idan Roth

Idan Roth has more than a decade of experience in the Israeli media, notably serving as a deputy editor and financial correspondent for Channel 10 News. During the last six years, Idan has been primarily engaged in strategic consulting, leading various public and political campaigns. He works closely with trade unions and businesses advocating for legislative and regulatory reform, advises international companies seeking to undertake large-scale tender processes in Israel, and has spearheaded many prominent projects and popular apps that have achieved tremendous success worldwide.

Aviram Balzar

Aviram Balzar is recognized as one of Israel’s most senior media consultants, having amassed unparalleled experience over the last three decades in many high-profile roles that include several years as media advisor to the Israeli prime minister. Aviram has extensive connections throughout the Israeli media, government, and business world, with sterling professional experience acquired through hundreds of political and commercial campaigns. He has advised government officials and Israel’s largest corporations for many years, drawing on a deep understanding of various sensitive matters.

Our Services

Public Relations

Every person has a story. Every organization has an agenda. In a world constantly bombarded with uninspiring, superficial content, we know how to tell your story in a way that elevates your message above the rest. This ability to grab the public’s attention without compromising on the finer details is reserved only for an elite few. It stems, above all, from extensive experience and accurate identification of all the key players’ interests, as well as a thorough understanding of the established media and its typical agenda. Balzar-Roth’s top-notch professionals know just the right way to tell your story and advance your desired talking points, using a clear, tried-and-tested approach.


Behind every great campaign stands a great strategy. So it goes without saying that every project needs a plan to get from point A to point B, from current status to intended objective. Goals are defined and the map is plotted, accounting for a whole host of variables. Each strategy must be firmly grounded in prior experience with all the relevant factors, their modes of operation, and their motivating interests. Balzar-Roth specializes in developing and enacting proactive strategies. Rather than reacting to events, we drive and initiate them, always staying one step ahead.

Government Relations

When approaching a local authority, district committee, government ministry, or statutory corporation, there are always certain stringent protocols that must be followed. These can be exhausting and frustrating, especially for those without the necessary tools and experience. Following countless successful campaigns and initiatives, Balzar-Roth knows how to guide you confidently along this treacherous path – not by waving a magic wand or using shady connections, but simply from knowing the entire system inside out.

Digital Management

The digital world is a realm of endless possibilities. Often a crucial complementary resource, it can also shine at center stage. Our Digital Management Department lets you harness the full, incredible potential of this cutting-edge arena. At Balzar-Roth, we offer complete digital and social media management services, all supplied by highly experienced professionals who adeptly employ powerful tools to fulfill operational objectives en route to achieving your ultimate goal.

Crisis Management

In our media-saturated digital era, the ability to respond quickly and effectively is paramount. Even an apparently minor incident can swiftly snowball into a genuine threat to your reputation, as well as your economic interests. When a crisis rears its head, the client is tried in the court of public opinion, where the media serves as judge, jury, and executioner. Balzar-Roth has the experience and knowhow to deftly navigate the entire sequence of events, maintain perspective, and see the overall picture – in order to provide the fastest, most effective response to such complex circumstances.

Among our clients, past and present